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DJ Premier has been a driving force in hiphop since his arrival. He is a creator, an innovator, a musician, and a technical genious, and that goes without question. His spot on the producing hall of fame is already etched in at the plateau of that list, if not at the pinacle of that plateau. He has also received the title of Greatest DJ of All Time from Source Magazine.

He is honored within the industry as one of the greatest producers and respected by both artists, fans, as well as fellow producers. Many M.C.'s, including Biggie Smalls, Nas, Jeru, and Jay Z, have all worked with Premier during the formative stages of there career and have benefited from his production skills greatly. Nas's "N.Y. State of Mind", Notorious's "Unbelievable", and Jeru's, "Come Clean," are all examples, not to mention the many hits Premier produced in his own formative years with partner Guru, in the world famous rap group Gangstarr. Together the duo of producer and M.C. have carved ther way into rap history and have moved the tide of hip hop in new directions. [more]